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Contact Lenses

Eyecare Elements in Bellevue offers many options for contact lenses.

Sometimes the best solution for your vision or lifestyle may not be the full-time use of glasses. For many patients, contact lenses can offer freedom from glasses as well as excellent vision. Eyecare Elements offers many options in contact lenses to fit your needs.

Contact Lenses are worn on the front surface of the eye to correct a variety of vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. At Eyecare Elements our doctors and staff spend a great deal of time researching the latest technological advances in Contact Lenses.

After a thorough evaluation, our doctors can recommend the best lenses for your eyes. Even if you have been unable to wear contact lenses in the past with new developments in Soft Contact Lenses technology we may have the lenses for you.

Soft Lenses

These lenses are comfortable to wear and must be replaced monthly, weekly or daily depending on the type best suited for you.

Soft lenses are often recommended for sports because they fit closer to the eye and are more difficult to dislodge.

They can provide correction for most prescriptions including astigmatism. Today, with the introduction of newer materials like silicone hydrogels, which allow more oxygen to the eye, patients find it easier than ever to wear soft lenses comfortably.

Single use lenses which are disposed of daily offer great relief for those suffering allergies that have made it difficult to wear lenses in the past. The convenience and health benefits of these lenses are unsurpassed.

Gas-permeable (Gp) Lenses

Made of slightly rigid plastics, GP lenses offer sharp vision and correct most vision problems.

They are more durable than soft contact lenses and can be easier to handle and care for but require a longer adaptation period and consistent wear to maintain adaptation.

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses are available in both soft and gas-permeable varieties. This design of lens offers patients both distance and near vision. These lenses can be best compared to a bifocal or progressive pair of eyeglasses.

Recent developments in the design of these lenses have made it possible to correct vision challenges on a wider variety of vision conditions. If you were unable to wear these lenses in the past, it may now be possible. Ask your doctor about new multifocal lens designs.

Color Contact Lenses

Enhance your eye color or even change it completely.

Colored contact lenses are fun and come in a variety of colors for both light and dark eyes.

Silicone Hydrogels

Silicone hydrogels are new soft contact lens materials that allow a high level of oxygen to pass through the contact lens.

This high oxygen permeability results in a healthier lens with a more comfortable and moist feel throughout the entire day.

Difficult to Fit or Custom Contact Lenses

Eyes are unique and some eyes may prove difficult to fit with standard contact lenses. The doctors at Eyecare Elements have been fitting complex cases for many years. Our doctors have at their disposal a variety of custom lens designs to fit the needs of patients with conditions such as keratoconus, corneal transplant, high astigmatism, corneal injuries/trauma, Ortho-K and multifocals.

The types of contact lenses used include custom made soft lenses, scleral lenses, mini-scleral lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, Orthokeratology lenses, toric and custom made toric lenses, as well as standard disposable soft lenses.

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